Horse Purchase Assistance

Step 1: Planning the trip

First we plan the dates of your trip and you book a flight to Holland. We suggest staying at least 2 days to be able to show you as many horses as possible.

Step 2: Selection of horses

Once the travel dates are confirmed, we will start searching suitable horses for you. Based on your inquiry we will select horses which will meet the requirements you have set. We can start searching maximum 2 weeks in advance of your trip, since some horses sell very quick.

Step 3: Tryout horses

Time to meet the horses. We will pick you up at the airport and bring you to the selected horses for the try outs. We will also arrange hotel for you. The costs for this service are €150 ex vat per day for our time and fuel.

Step 4: Vetting

After you found your new horse it will get a 5 stage pre purchase vetting. We will assist you with arranging the vetting at the clinic of your choice. We have a very good selection of international vets that we have good experiences with. In Holland a vetting generally includes a clinical purchase examination and 20-24 xrays pending on the request of the client. All xrays can be emailed to your own vet. If required, Sport Horses Holland can be present at the vetting and video the clinical part for an additional fee of €100,-.

Step 5: Transport

We can help you organizing the export papers and transport of your horse to any destination in the world. We can make the trip nice and easy for you!